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Website/WebApps, Mobile, and Desktop Systems


Thanks for coming by! My name is DL. I am a freelance designer/developer/programmer. Being an independent contractor allows me to tackle client projects with much more focus. I work with businesses and individuals on website/web app projects, mobile apps, and desktop applications -basically anything that runs code.

Currently, I work with a handful of clients managing dedicated and virtual private servers, maintaining codebases, and looking for ways to update and improve my clients current systems. I enjoy every aspect of the process of building new projects as well and breathing life into existing ones. I am more than happy to help you get off the ground or get you back up an running.

Repo's and Work

I have not updated anything quite some time and have had to put a lot of projects on the back burner for health and family related issues. I will be adding some local based projects and update the README's for my existing projects shortly after the new year.